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Roulette Tips

Spinning the roulette wheel

Roulette is the quintessential casino game – the one that many people envision when they imagine a Vegas (or online) casino. Popular with millions of people around the world, on land and online, roulette, the name, comes from the French word that means “small wheel.”
While the 17th-century mathematician Blaise Pascal is credited with having invented the game, today there are several exciting varieties that players around the world enjoy. The beauty of roulette is its simplicity, combined with suspense. At William Hill Vegas, you’ll find roulette tips for smart betting, along with great bonuses, promos, and info on strategy. Enjoy American and French Roulette at William Hill, for a fantastic casino game experience online.

All about online roulette

Although roulette has its roots in France, today, it is one of the most popular online casino games in the world. The roulette wheel – with its red and black slots – is arguably the most recognizable symbol of casino gambling, and it’s easy to picture a dapper gent standing alongside the iconic wheel as the croupier throws in the ball and waits for it to come to a stop. Online roulette at William Hill Vegas comes in many forms and variants, including French Roulette (with one zero) and American Roulette (with the double-zero wheel).  At William Hill, we offer roulette tips to help you play the game with the best strategy, and our games are backed by the William Hill reputation for excellence. Look no further than William Hill for great roulette.

Rules, betting strategies and odds

Roulette, the world-famous casino table game, is, along with slots, the most well-known luck-based gambling game. In some casino games, such as blackjack or poker, skill and strategy play a role in winning; in roulette, however, there’s nothing a player can do to determine the outcome of a spin and winning is tantamount to a chance encounter with Lady Luck. Nonetheless, at William Hill, we’re happy to give you online roulette tips and to explain the ins and outs of what is essentially a very simple game.
The best way to become a wiser roulette player is to learn the rules. Follow our easy-to-understand roulette guide and information on betting odds and styles. If you get a handle on the different types of bets, you’ll already be ahead of the game. Learn the odds so you’ll know what to expect; betting on a colour or on a specific number will have different odds and if you peruse our roulette tips there’ll be fewer surprises when you’re ready to play.

At William Hill, we want your entire online casino experience to be smooth and easy. From the moment you register, you’ll notice our user-friendly approach in the form of a welcome bonus, our professional customer service, the handy roulette tips, and the ongoing promotions that boost your gaming pleasure.

Why should you play roulette at William Hill Vegas?

At William Hill Vegas, we have a great assortment of casino games. The range of online games and the opportunities to play and win are almost endless, making roulette tips, strategies and betting odds very important. No matter what your favourite game is, we have it, including blackjack, slot machines, video poker, arcade games, scratch cards and more. All our games have the best and brightest graphics and the most realistic sound effects, for an exciting and entertaining gambling experience. We also have handy betting guides to help you become the online gambler you’ve dreamed of becoming. To make your gaming even better, we offer generous bonuses and fabulous promotions that make it possible to play more, win more, and have more fun. The excitement never stops at William Hill – Home of Betting – discover the fantastic roulette games today at the leading casino online.