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Mobile Casino – the Future of gaming on the go

It has been cited that the future of the internet is via mobile. Any budding entrepreneur out there in Silicon Valley or Shoreditch, designing the next big website, is thinking about how it will work on a tablet or mobile device first. It used to be the case that sites were designed for PC or a laptop, and then fitted into a mobile format, but the opposite is now true. As tablets and mobiles have evolved, it follows that online casinos should also evolve to become more in tune with how people are using the internet. The top sites have understood this fact and have underlined their credentials in this market by rolling out a series of mobile casino apps.

William Hill Vegas – leading the way in mobile casino games

Nowadays people expect entertainment in all its forms to be delivered instantly, whether it is watching an entire TV series on Netflix, having access to friends’ lives on Facebook, or, for that matter, playing online casino games. You expect access to everything else on your smartphone or tablet – why shouldn’t you be able to play great mobile casino games? When you play games on a superior app, you get access to a rich choice of games designed to work perfectly on your portable device. As the world around us features increased network coverage, provided by 4G and expanded WIFI coverage, you get access to your favourite games, designed for mobile screen sizes, wherever you are and whenever you want. If you doubt how popular mobile casino is, consider the following: in 2013 it was estimated that $10 billion (around £7 billion) was wagered on mobile casino gaming. That is a staggering amount of money, which highlights the way we are changing the way we use the internet. It is a certainty that this side of the industry will grow in the future, as with all other online content the move to portable devices is inevitable. In fact, some gaming experts claim that while mobile will be increasingly important, PC gaming will remain central to players, as people like to enjoy their favourite games on several platforms.

Never miss out on a casino bonus when your download the Vegas Mobile app

So, what does this mean for casino players today? When you download the William Hill Vegas Mobile App you can see for yourself, you get all the benefits of the online Vegas site: great games, the bonus offers, the chance of hitting the Vegas Millions Jackpot, the dedicated customer service. The games on the Vegas app have all the excellence of the games on the online site, none of the quality, graphics or excitement is diminished. The only difference is that they are specifically designed to work on a mobile platform. So, when you play one of the best mobile casino games, such as the Pig Wizard or Merlin’s Millions, or an exclusive game found only at William Hill Vegas, you are able to enjoy everything that you would expect from playing on your PC or laptop, plus you have the freedom to play on your terms. As we move towards an era where tablets and smartphones become progressively more central to the online casino industry and its customers, the way forward will be more than just replicating the online casino sites. Top apps, such as the William Hill Vegas app, will be able to claim their spot in the hearts of players today and tomorrow.