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Casino Jackpots – get more when you play online

Let’s face it, the reason that most people play at an online casino is in the hope of hitting a big jackpot. Playing casino games is enjoyable, but playing with the knowledge that you could be just one spin away from a life-changing sum of money is exhilarating. These days a good internet gaming site will offer casino jackpots that can be worth thousands, even millions of pounds. Imagining what we would do with our new found wealth is part and parcel of playing at an online casino. Would you buy a new car? Would you go on the holiday of a lifetime? Would you visit your boss the next day and tell them that you would not be attending work again, forever? The day-dreaming about massive casino winnings is part of the excitement, and a big reason that many people visit an online casino in the first place.

Progressive Jackpots, big wins from small contributions

At William Hill Vegas you will find a dedicated section of Jackpot Games, with well over 30 games that offer progressive jackpots. A progressive jackpot is a shared fund, with each wager you make contributing a small amount to the progressive fund. Other players enjoying the game are also adding a small portion to the fund as well, so it grows and grows, sometimes reaching millions of pounds, until it is randomly activated and a player wins. At William Hill Vegas, you can play progressive casino games like Adventures in Wonderland, Cop the Lot and Cash of the Titans, all of which offer you the chance to win a massive fortune on a single spin.

Vegas Millions – an online casino industry game changer!

Traditional progressive jackpots are based on games that connect the players all over the world playing at different online casinos. For example, Marvel slots, which are available to play at William Hill Casino, these games offer Marvel Progressive Jackpots that are particular to the game rather than the casino. William Hill Vegas offers something truly different when it comes to progressive funds – Vegas Millions. A collection of 8 popular casino jackpot slots with a multi-level progressive fund, which can only be won by William Hill Vegas players. On the 14th February 2016 one lucky player netted themselves a jackpot win of over £2.5 million! As of March 2016, Vegas Millions has paid out £6.5 million solely to William Hill Vegas players.

Bet small and still win big at William Hill Vegas

Online casino jackpots are not out of reach for the player who likes to play for small wagers. Recently, a Scottish player netted £1.6 million on the Pig Wizard online slot – his wager? £1. You can read his story here. Vegas Millions is awarded randomly, so it could be awarded to a player regardless of playing for small or big bets. You can improve your chances of winning by making larger wagers, but that does not take away from the fact that a small bet could still land you casino winnings of a lifetime. If you are lucky enough to win a big casino payout then you will know how quickly your life could change, if you have not won one yet then there is no harm in dreaming, and you never know you could be the next guy to turn £1 into a fortune.