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Puzzle Slot Game




Slotris is a fixed-odds game inspired by a popular block-based arcade game. Every time the falling blocks form a complete row, a win is awarded. The more rows formed in one go, the larger the win - and you can get up to four rows (a "quadruple") at one time. The more wins of each type (single, double etc.) you have, the more the payouts grow!

The game also features a magic block that triggers 10 free plays if it forms part of a win.



Getting StartedTOP

  • Press the Stake Up and Stake Down buttons to choose a stake per play between 10p and £10.
  • As you change the stake, the paytable on the left will be updated to reflect the chosen stake.
  • The total amount you have staked will be shown in the STAKE box at the bottom right of the screen.

How to playTOP

  • Press Play to start the game. (You can also press the Space Bar on your keyboard to start.)
  • Blocks will start to fall in the game play grid and the computer will automatically place them to the left or right to simulate a real player positioning the blocks. The blocks will only be moved left to right - they will not be turned.
  • If any block completes one or more rows with no gaps left remaining, you win.
  • Any winning lines you have will be highlighted on the paytable and your winnings will be credited to your account balance.
  • Up to four rows can be completed at one time, and the payouts increase for two, three, or four rows (ie, double, triple or quadruple win).
  • It is possible for one block to create multiple wins. In this case the payout is awarded for the lines separately and not cumulatively.
  • In the example below, the falling block will trigger a double row at the bottom when it lands, and a single row at the top. This is not counted as a triple win, but as separate single and double wins.

Clearing rowsTOP

  • When a row is complete it will be cleared from the grid. Note that when a completed row has been cleared from the grid, if there are other blocks already on top of that row, those other blocks will drop down to fill the space just cleared. Please note that the blocks will only drop by the number of rows cleared and any gaps in lower rows will not be filled by this process - so some blocks may appear to hover in mid-air as a result.
  • The following illustrations explain this rule in more detail:

End of gameTOP

  • As soon as a block lands that cannot fit wholly within the grid, the game will end.
  • In the example below, the falling block at the top will cause the game to end when it lands on top of the yellow block beneath it. As the line is four units tall, it will rest with one unit remaining outside of the grid.

Free playsTOP

  • If one or more rows are completed featuring a Magic Block, the game will award 10 free plays. Once the current play is finished, the game will automatically enter free plays mode - the screen background colour will change and a message will flash up saying "10 Free Plays" to indicate this.
  • Only one award of 10 free plays can be awarded for any one Magic Block.
  • All wins during free plays mode are doubled. The wins displayed on the paytable will not change, but as your winnings are added to the WINNINGS box in the bottom right corner the doubled amount is added automatically.
  • Free plays can be re-triggered during free plays mode, so you could be awarded another 10 free plays.
  • All your winnings during free plays mode will be credited to your account balance after each play. A message summarising all your free play winnings will be displayed after all free plays are completed.

Auto PlayTOP

  • By choosing Auto Play you can play up to 25 plays automatically, one after the other.
  • Select your stake as normal then press the Auto Play button to select the number of Auto Play bets you want before clicking the 'Play' button.
  • After each play, the number of plays remaining will be displayed. You can stop Auto Play from continuing on to the next game by pressing the 'Stop Auto-Play' button, which turns it off and resets the number of Plays back to 1.
  • Please note that Free Plays automatically cancels the Auto-play function. If you are using Auto-play mode you will need to re-set it.

Other featuresTOP

Slow Mode: Press the yellow Slow Mode button on the console if you prefer the game to play out more slowly than the default game play speed.

Betting History: Choose this from the Help/Options menu to display a log of the previous games in the current session showing your bets placed and the outcomes.

Background sound on/off: Choose this from the Help/Options menu to switch off all audio within the game.

Sound on/off: Choose this from the Help/Options menu to switch off all audio within the game.

RTP and house edgeTOP

The RTP is 94.5%

RTP House edge
94.5% 5.5%

Minimum stake, maximum stake and maximum payoutsTOP


Currency Minimum Stake Maximum Stake Maximum Payout
AUD 0.10 10.00 89154
CAD 0.10 10.00 89154
CHF 0.10 10.00 89154
DKK 1.00 100.00 891540
EUR 0.10 10.00 89154
HKD 1.00 100.00 891540
GBP 0.10 10.00 89154
JPY 10 1000 8915400
SGD 0.10 10.00 89154
SEK 1.00 100.00 891540
USD 0.10 10.00 89154


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