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Lucky 8 Roulette


Lucky 8 Roulette is based on the traditional casino game with the addition of a Progressive element. In this version of the game however there are 50 numbers (0-49) and also a Lucky 8 square which gives a chance of playing the progressive game.



Step 1: Getting StartedTOP

  • First you need to cash in to buy your chips for the game.
  • Choose your stake from the selection of chips at the bottom left of the screen.
  • To place your chip(s) on the table, click on the square(s) on the table containing the number(s) you wish to bet on. For example, to bet on the number 32, place a chip in the middle of the '32' square on the table.
  • A chip will be placed every time you click on any bet area.

Step 2: Placing Your BetsTOP

  • You may place as many chips as you like on each bet area, provided that the combined total of all your potential winnings do not exceed the maximum payout. The maximum payout for any one single game is £36,000. (The minimum total stake per spin is £1).
  • To place a Split bet or Corner bet, ie. where a single bet is split between two or four numbers on the table, place your chip in the appropriate position, so that it is over the line or corner between the two or four numbers in question.
  • You may choose different stake amounts for each of your bets - just select a new chip value or place multiple chips on each bet area.
  • The total amount you have staked will be shown in the 'Total Stake' box at the bottom right of the screen.
  • If you press the 'Double Bet' button, the total stakes you have placed so far on all bets will be doubled.
  • Press 'Undo' to undo your last action - so if you have removed a chip from the table, 'Undo' will replace it, or if you have just pressed 'Double Bet' then 'Undo' will remove those chips you just added.
  • Alternatively, you can hold down the SHIFT key and click on a chip to remove it from the table.
  • If you change your mind and want to start again, press 'Clear All Bets' to remove all chips from the table.
  • Once you are happy with your bets, press 'Spin' to play the game. Once you have pressed 'Spin', you cannot cancel your bets.

Step 3: The ProgressiveTOP

  • Your chance of winning the progressive increases in proportion to the total amount staked on the game.
  • The progressive game is triggered if the ball lands on the "Lucky 8" segment.
  • In order to play for the progressive you do not have to place a chip on the yellow "Lucky 8" segment.
  • The "Lucky 8" segment pays 47/1 for the individual bet. This is independent of the progressive game.
  • The progressive is won if each of the spinners lands on a red "Lucky 8"
  • Note: In the Interest of fair play, the progressive will not be paid out if covering more than 50% of the table


  • When the ball stops and the result is known, a marker will indicate the winning number. All chips apart from the winning bet will be cleared from the table.

Types of bets availableTOP

Bet Type Description Pays
Red A bet on the number to be red Evens
Black A bet on the number to be black Evens
1-24 (Low) A bet on the number to be low (1 through 24) Evens
25-48 (High) A bet on the number to be high (25 through 48) Evens
1st 12 A bet on the number to be within a group of twelve numbers. '1st 12' are numbers 1-12 3-1
2nd 12 A bet on the number to be within a group of twelve numbers. '2nd 12' are numbers 13-24 3-1
3rd 12 A bet on the number to be within a group of twelve numbers.'3rd 12' are the numbers 25-36 3-1
4th 12 A bet on the number to be within a group of twelve numbers.'3rd 12' are the numbers 37-48 3-1
1st 16 A bet on the number to be within a group of sixteen numbers.'1st 16' are the numbers 1-16 2-1
2nd 16 A bet on the number to be within a group of twelve numbers.'2nd 16' are the numbers 17-32 2-1
3rd 16 A bet on the number to be within a group of twelve numbers.'3rd 16' are the numbers 33-48 2-1
Straight Bet A bet on the number to be one of the individual numbers (from 0 to 49) 47-1
Split bet A bet split between two numbers next to each other on the table 23-1
Street bet Also known as a 'Row' bet. Betting on a row of 4 numbers (eg 1, 2, 3, 4) 11-1
Line A line bet covers two street bets (the eight different numbers in two rows of four numbers. For example: 1,2,3,4 + 5,6,7,8) 5-1
Corner Corner bets cover four numbers next to each other on the table (the bet chip is placed in-between the four numbers) 11-1

Other FeaturesTOP

Betting History: Select this from the Options menu to display details of the previous games in the current session, showing your bets placed and the outcomes.

Auto Bet: Select 'Auto Bet' to place 1, 2, 5, 10 or 25 bets automatically one after the other. Select your bets as normal then select the number of auto-bets to play before clicking the 'Spin' button. After showing the result of a bet any winnings will be collected and the next bet will automatically start (placing the same chips as before). This will continue until the specified number of bets has been completed or until you have insufficient credits remaining to place the next bet. You can stop the auto-bet from continuing onto the next bet by clicking the "Stop Auto-Bet" button.

Mute: Select this from the Options menu (or use the Mute button on the main screen) to switch off all audio within the game.

Background Sound Off: Select this from the Options menu to switch off the casino background sounds but still hear sounds relating to the game itself.

Turbo Bet: Switch on 'Turbo Bet' before you press 'Spin' if you want the result to be displayed instantly.

Graphics Quality: Change the graphics quality to Low if the performance is too slow.

The RTP is 94.12%

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