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Featuring free spins and 3 features!


Volcano is a 20 line, 5 reel slot game located on a tropical island.

Occasionally, the volcano may become restless and desire a sacrifice. If happy with the sacrifice, the volcano will award the player with one of three volcanic features!

Three moon symbols on the reels will trigger unlimited free spins until three suns appear on the reels.


1. How To Play

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  • Choose your Bet
    • Ensure you have enough funds into your account to play then select the BET button and choose a value to bet on your game.

  • Check the Paytable (Optional)
    • If you wish to view the available winlines and your potential winnings for each symbol combination, you can consult the paytable.

      On Mobile, select the MENU button, then Game Info, then Paytable
      On Desktop, select OPTIONS then PAYTABLE

  • Start the Game!
    • Select SPIN to start the game. Good luck!

2. Wilds

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  • The Wild Fire symbol will substitute any symbol apart from the Bonus Scatter in any winline.
  • Only the highest paying win on each line is paid, including Wilds.
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Clear Button
  • The total amount you have staked will be shown in the 'Total Stake' box at the top of the screen.
  • Once you are happy with your bets, press 'Deal' to play the game. Once you have pressed DEAL, you cannot cancel your bets.

3. Auto Spin

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  • Ensure you have selected your desired Bet, then select AUTOSPIN. Select your number of plays and the game will start automatically.
  • You can choose UNTIL BONUS and the game will play until any of the bonus rounds are awarded.
  • You can stop auto spins at any time by selecting STOP.

4. Reel Modifiers

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  • During any spin, the volcano may become restless and desire a sacrifice. You will then be prompted to select one of three sacrifices. If the volcano is pleased with your sacrifice, it may award you with one of three features.

4.1 Volcano Fireball Wilds

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  • The volcano will erupt three different types of rocks on to the reels, turning the symbols they hit wild:
    • The Happy Rock turns a single symbol on the reels wild
    • The Heavy Rock will smash through a whole reel, turning all symbols on that reel wild
    • The Contagious Rock will explode on a reel, turning it and its two neighbouring symbols wild
  • Any of the above rocks may miss the reels altogether.
  • Occasionally, a Happy Rock may also reveal a multiplier, which affects all current wins!
  • Once the volcano stops rumbling, wins will be calculated using the new wild reels.

4.2 Lava Reels

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  • The volcano will erupt lava on any of the first three or four reels, revealing a giant symbol over the existing symbols.
  • Once the symbol has settled, all wins will be calculated as usual.

4.3 Volcano Cash Prize

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  • The volcano will spit out a single rock containing a multiplier. When the rock explodes, the multiplier will be revealed and the cash prize shown.

5. Free Spins

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  • Free Spins will be awarded when three Bonus Scatter (moon) symbols appear on reels 1, 3 and 5. The island will turn to night and the free spins will begin!
  • During free spins, sun symbols will appear on reel 5. Once three sun symbols have been revealed, free spins will finish and the island will return to day time.
  • Occasionally a moon may also appear on reel 5 - this will "knock" one of the sun symbols out of their container, giving you an extra chance!

6. Minimum and Maximum Stake and Payouts

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CurrencyMinimum StakeMaximum StakeMaximum Payout
AUD 0.2 500 500,000
CAD 0.2 500 500,000
CHF 0.2 500 500,000
DKK 2 5,000 5,000,000
EUR 0.2 500 500,000
HKD 2 5,000 5,000,000
GBP 0.2 500 500,000
JPY 20 50,000 50,000,000
SGD 0.2 500 500,000
SEK 2 5,000 5,000,000
USD 0.2 500 500,000

7. Other Features

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  • On mobile, tap the menu button to see the standard WH Vegas menu:
    • You can toggle sound ON/OFF
    • You can access More Games
    • You can access the Cashier

  • Menu Button

8. RTP

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  • The RTP for this game is 95.230%



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